Location Drawing at the Irish Derby

The Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby took place last week here in the beautiful county of Kildare at the Curragh Racecourse . I was lucky enough to attend this prestigious event in the racing calendar.

Unfortunately I know little about horses so seldom put on a good bet! I attend this type of event to do personal live sketching exercises for my fashion illustration practice. Like I have mentioned previous drawing from live is the most fruitful way to stretch your skills and expand your ability. Some times the quick sketches you produce will pleasantly surprise you.

I tend to get many emails and questions asking me what media I use when on location drawing . For this type of event I tend to use basic dry materials, a 3B my trusted pencil of choice, Uniball micro pen and a Pental pocket brush. All of which can be easily carried around in my pocket! I always use A4 size paper or larger (I find that the smaller paper the stiffer the image I produce so I draw as big as possible)

On a practical note, for this type of sketching exercise, don’t get caught up in capturing high levels of detail. Instead aim to get the gesture of the pose, the weight distribution and movement of the body. Most importantly it is about looking and observing, you should be looking at the people you are drawing more than you are looking down at the page. Remember you have to work quick, usually less than two minutes so aim for a gesture drawing over detail. Don’t worry about the outcome, it is all about the process. When you stop thinking about this, you will be amazed at what you can produce if you just go with it!!

Irish Derby Best Dressed

After filling my notebook with quick sketches and observations, I use it as a reference to create more detailed work. I drew this fashion illustration of the beautiful Eva Healy Morrissey who won the Best Dressed on the day. It does help that the ladies turn out so well, it’s near impossible not to want to draw them, their amazing outfits and intricate hats.

Eva’s outfit is from the Phoenix_V Boutique in Cork and her hat was made by Carol Kennelly Millinery

Linda X

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