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Time to share a new batch of Bespoke Bridal Couple Illustrations. Featured in this post, one illustration which was commissioned by the bride herself, Sinead to mark their one year wedding anniversary (FYI: the traditional one year gift is paper, so a bespoke illustration fits perfectly) and two illustrations that were commissioned by family or friends. One of which was created before the wedding date and the other was created after the big day.


It is always lovely to receive the photographs from a couples wedding day, it captures the atmosphere, excitement and emotion of the day. I try my best to include such emotion in each illustration’s I create. Sinead (above) wore an intricate lace two piece gown, with detailed lace bodice and fitted full skirt. The pose for the illustration was chosen to highlight the lace detailing on the back of the bodice and Sinead asked me to illustrate her holding her bouquet in the air, like she did as she walked out of the church on her wedding day. Her bouquet had these beautiful flowing coloured ribbons, so unusual and dramatic.


Bespoke Bridal Couple Illustration Linda Byrne, Compare, Bridal Illustration, Wedding Gift, Bespoke Wedding Gift, Wedding Picture,

Secondly, Susan & Michael (above), this illustration was commissioned by Michael’s sister as a gift to be presented to the couple on the wedding day. There wasn’t much detail available about the dress Susan would wear, she was keeping it a tight lipped surprise. But using the information that I had I created this illustration, which turned out to be quite accurate. Susan wore a fitted gown with delicate spaghetti straps and sweetheart plunging neck line. The preferred pose emphasised the train of the gown, while also highlighting the fit. She wore her hair loosely curled, framing her face nicely.

Bespoke Bridal Couple Illustration Linda Byrne, Compare, Bridal Illustration, Wedding Gift, Bespoke Wedding Gift, Wedding Picture,

Annie (above) is based in Canada and married her husband Anthony there also, their illustration was commissioned by her friend back home in Ireland. The photo’s were simply stunning! She wore a fitted fish tale dress, with intricate lace detail throughout and a sweetheart neck line. To top it off, a full length veil, in the most eclectic forest setting. I felt that a forward facing pose would highlight her figure and the shape of the dress. Happy to report that the illustration has found it’s way safely to Annie in Canada.


All three of these bespoke bridal illustrations were hand painted and so enjoyable to work on. I’m currently accepting bespoke bridal commissions, but have a limited amount available for 2017.


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